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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  May 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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expired. i'm melissa lee. check out our website, and the daily segment inside fast every weekendday. see you back here next friday for options >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. my job is to educate, teach and put it in perspective. e-mail me or tweet m me @jimcramer. believe it or not, you know who caused the rally this morning?
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the bears caused the rally including today. the s&p 500 climbed .42% and the nasdaq jumped .76%. the enless negativeus, the ones who predicted declines and scared the heck out of you all week, i think they're behind this move. i know we heard their sirens and they would scare the pants off of anyone. but when the market failed to comply and went the other way, the bears disappeared and changed their coloration, they became cockroaches and i bet they went bullish without our knowing it. it has been such a good rally that they almost had to turn bullish. i thought it would be worth a shot. were there any fundamental reasons beyond the market's failure causing them to buy? sadly, not really. it was a totally irrational
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week. where buyers celebrated rising interest rates, a sign that we're not going to have a recession. made them happy. a lot of stocks anticipated because there were so many bets against them. just today, hp jumped $200. we saw the same kind of wasn't as bad as people expected to dollar tree, fresh market and game stop where the bears made aggressive bets that there could be colossal downturns. if you want to bet against a company you have to borrow stock and then sell that stock. but if the bet doesn't pan out, meaning the stock doesn't go down you have to cover or buy that stock back. seems enough people were betting against these stocks that the collective short covering, buying and the actually buying vaulted all stocks higher. >> house of pleasure. >> with that in mind, what's the game plan for next week.
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i might show up and do the show. tuesday we get reports from two of the wildest traders i know, auto zone and workday. the former has been one of my absolute favorite stocks for ages because it has the most consistent buy back from the new york stock exchange. five years ago there were 56 million shares remaining. not quince dentally the stock has traveled from $154 to $540. there has been a consistent pattern along with this auto parts company that thrives and as our nation's fleet of cars gets older, they are 12.5 years old. even as the business and buy back are like clock work and have been fantastic. i expect it to be hammered, as
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usual, again like clock work. may i suggest that you use the weakness to do some buying. this pattern has worked more than 80% of the time that i have been following this stock. after the bell we get results from one of the most vulnerable stocks of the year, workday. workday is the single most consistent fastest growing softwares service company on earth. when sales went public, the stock fell. the decision was reversed. sales force rallied three dollars. that is the definition of insanity. you have to sit back and watch the reaction. i'm pretty sure the company will deliver. but for the stock, that has become another matter entire lichlt break out your hand.
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michael kors reports this is literally the fastest growing company. it's wiping the floor with other companies, especially coach. i believe this stock can break out to an all time high. it could go north of 101. why? because there is a cultish bet against kors. some called its inventory matching skills into question. herb greenberg in his reality check report has raised eyebrows about asian inventory. stapled them even. i bet that it continues to be the case. we have had terrific quarters from purveyors of expensive
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goods. it's gatsby index time which means buy buy, buy michael kors. i know jokers wanted to see higher interest rate s rates. lower rates mean more business. i bet toll, the gatsby of the home builders, the intramonth progression is terrific. please don't trade off of the headline. the stock market will be thrilled to hear that the spring selling season will be deferred and not called off entirely because of the weather. one of the oddities is individual stocks in a sector can report periodically.
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we judged many companies harshly. other companies did better. it's so easy to do that. you look at the day before that day and make a judgment. remember the two characteristics that i have used to describe it. the laster comes into play. last time costco reported what were believed to be tepid results. costco was among the best, maybe among the top five. i hope the market remembers to report how poorly they did. i think costco-will look good by comparis comparison. >> i think it will once again
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deliver spectacular numbers. the stock can be tougher than riding a truckful of tnt traveling down the road and cramer fav hear the fury. and the artist forerly known as anne taylor. anne has played a key role in that. the warmer weather will allow the company to put up rather fine numbers. volatility will reign supreme whether it be a $540 auto zone or a business analytics firm or high dollar amount retailers like kors or costco. it is going to be exciting. because of the vicarious intellectual vacation, this market currently taking, the mind is gone for this market.
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don't count on reactions to be all that rational or germane to the quarters at hand. let's go to mitch in arizona. >> caller: how are you? >> not bad. how are you? >> caller: i just wanted your opinion on netflix. they have been great and given the recent announcement that they are expanding internationally do you feel that will have a significant impact? >> it correctly discounts in advance that they are doing that so that has happened. the stock was running up ahead and the stock goes up after. it's a momentum, cult name. i'm not going to get involved with the cults any more. i'm not talking the indianapolis colts because they have luck. what reigned supreme? volatility in reaction to earnings. proceed with caution. and still aheahead, are you sti as mad as i am when you can't
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stream netflix at 30,000 feet? >> plus while amazon has proven it kz annihilate retailer after retailer, i will have more "mad money" after the break. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer. or tweet, send an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to female narrator: through memorial day at sleep train,
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>> a couple of brutal weeks of earnings, ones who spent money on projects without a quick pay off because they knew if they didn't they would be destroyed by amazon. the smartest retailers realized they had to find ways to connect with their customers more than
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sup superficially. maybe because of declining government assistant programs like food stach stamps and long term unemployment we have seen unprecedented pressure on retailers. you would expect quarters to be ho hum at worst. it was anything but. who did stand out? number one company that has invested and invested kr eed co is williams sanoma. they have exploited them in a 360 degree om a omni channel explosion of sales. the website are superb, merchandise is incredible. whether it be the west elm, pottery barn or the plain old
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williams sanoma, they have reached something that amazon never will. they have the perfect ratio. second is nordstrom. when we pulled up with the president of the chain he told me that his companies had to invest billions of dollars online because he felt the legendary nordstrom customer service had been trumped by another retailer -- amazon. i almost fell out of my chair when i heard that. the company has built a fabulous web presence and has become a growth retailer by rolling out nordstrom rack stores. one coming near me in brooklyn. finally there's home depot which is proving that it understands it needs to relate to its community of customers. the site built in conjunction with allows you to connect with sales people and more importantly, other customers. i'm calling it crowd sourced
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hardware and who is not adjusting to this new world where every company is competing with amazon? walmart doesn't have it yet. somehow i think they might believe they do. target doesn't have anything but it knows that and i think the new ceo will address the issue pronto. petsmart and dick's seem to have lost their way big time. the former has the worst website of any major retailer i follow. the challenge seems to come so easily to laura albert at williams sanomo. the ousted ceo of target seemed to be a one-man wrecking crew. the fingers for worst retail ceo of the year would be pointed in steinapple's overpaid direction. we may be at an age where etfs can dominate the tape but these
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companies and stocks are anything but similar. i need to go to guy in new york. guy? >> caller: i know that only your mom got to call you jimmy so i'm going to give you a big apple boo-yah. >> you watch this morning show. that was how my old pal knew that maybe people shouldn't call me jimmy and he has a correct analysis. >> caller: know what you own so i bought nike and then i sold nike and you can imagine how peachy i'm feeling about that. short intermediate long term. >> nike is owned and i sweat this one every day. i sweat it because that last quarter i thought was good, stock went to 80, people said the guidance wasn't that good and next thing you know it was 71. i'm not going to sanction buy at 75 because it was just at 71, 72. this one gets intraday swoons and that is, guy, when you have
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to step up and buy. retail 101, it's always about the connection with consumers. some do it better. after the break, i will try to make more money. >> coming up, break up bucks? who said breaking up is hard to do? don't move, cramer's got one that could make you bank. honestly, the off-season isn't really off for me. i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film
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>> no matter how the stock market behavior may seem, there will always be companies that will help you make money simply by breaking themselves up. this is a story we have seen play out time and time again. every single one of these corporate divorces has made you money. sometimes a lot of money. it's why you see many businesses under the same roof that can be split apart in order to unlock some value. which brings me to my next potential break up play. i'm talking about dhr. the huge multiindustry con grom rate that has been one of the best long term investments in the past 25 years.
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sure we have seen break ups with other big con grom rates. however, this is different. this is a company that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. entirely because management has been able to make a ton of smart ak zigss. since 1984 when i first recommended it. this strategy of bulking up, not breaking up, not shrinking to growth, but bulking up, has worked wonders. you have gotten a spectacular return. if you bought 100 shares years ago you would now have an investment that is worth nearly
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$129,000. your checking account will not do that. and nearly endless slew of smart takeovers. now coming out here and saying that they should throw away it estime tested play book, how does that make sense? there are a few reasons. first of all it's now a $54 billion company and at a certain point thanks to what we call the law of large numbers, the company gets too big to move the needle or even a number of ak zigss. however that's not a main issue. we're now in this nutty environment that it's become almost impossible for this company to make the kind of smart disciplined purchases they are known for. and because they lose and the fast that the stock market -- the fact that the s&p is at its
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all time high, let's put it this way, it doesn't help either. they have an $8 billion war chest to make acquisitions but that doesn't mean much if there are not any viable takeover targets for the $8 billion to go to. doing what it did for so long, unlocking value by breaking itself up. the sum of the parts here is amazing. a break up here would be down right amazing. eight smaller companies contained. these units already contain enough scale that i think they could this rooif on their own. request easily be interp tated. of course, danner is a gigantic con grom rate but i think the smartest option would be a
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four-way spin out. that way you get four smaller more focused companies each of them with the financial flexibili flexibility. it may be the best way to keep using the play book that made shareholders so much money over the years. it's a big enough company to be stand alone. second, could create a terrific industrial technology company by grouping together motion products id and the divisions, that will be a maker of systems which together would have third i would add to dental supplies to make it consistent with life
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sciences scene and fourth i think their test and measurement section makes test and measurement products used at every stage of both electronics equipment and communications to stand on its own. people love that, too. how much would each of these divisions be worth as a stand alone company? we think there could be $29.3 billion on its own. test and measurement? $12.3 billion. put it all together. if they just issue the release. maybe they are better than the similar ones.
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it's just not true that they're the same. they are not like the comparisons. i think they are much stronger. wall street is willing to pay. that's what makes me leave that inclusion. there are seven public companies and after the trained ceo has been hired these companies get a 10% boost in their evaluation. obviously all four would be run by trained ceos and throw in an extra buck just to round things out, $100. that's 27.5% higher than where the stock is now. they have had an incredible run but with long time ceo saying good-bye, i think this is the perfect moment for this giant conglomerate to consider going into the parts business. if they did, the upside from the
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sum of the parts could be enormous. tom in new york, tom. >> hi, jim. and boo-yah from brooklyn, new york. >> no kidding. >> what is your stands on gt advanced technology. >> this is a heavily peck lative stock. they say when is this going to move. i said this is a technology. not necessarily a great earnings story. i need you to go matt in iowa. >> i think the stock has a good yield, growth, and well priced on a forward earnings basis. >> i could not agree more. i was all over stephanie. i said this is one of my
6:29 pm
favorite stocks that is in the trust. we should be bigger and we are and i agree with you. all right. i think four could be your magic number. consider breaking up the company. it would be down right easy and the upside would be tremendous. stocks are soaring higher at least but it's still big for the year. is now time to get in? i will talk to the ceo.
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>> after all the karnage, is it finally time to start circling back to the higher quality, i think it might be. consider isis. stock rallied from $9 and change from october 2012 all the way up to $59 since february. we're going into a tail spin seeking $27.81 more than cut in half from its highs. there is no doubt that isis got ahead of itself and maybe became overvalued but given the fact that the stock was able to pop nearly 11.5% on positive data it
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might be okay to circle back. this is not a pie in the sky player that is trading on nothing more than pipe dreams. it trades on a very real pipeline. it turns them into reality. if you have got a genetic disorder this thing might be the future of medicine. now isis now has 32 drugs. this is something that can be incredibly lucrative. a rare genetic condition. and a potential block buster drug. it's another or fan condition that leads to infantile death. a number of cancer treatments in phase two and three trials.
6:34 pm
i want to ask about and some interesting formulations for diabetes. it is totally legitimate. so let's check in with dr. stanley. find out more about where the business is headed. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, sir, i think that yesterday you showed that you're not just in the country. with this thrombosis data, can you walk us through that. it's huge. it's not a niche drug. >> obviously it's still in phase two but it's very exciting. there is still despite the fact that there are new anti-coagulants and
6:35 pm
anti-throbotics available, there is still a need for anti-thromboitic. we just presented the top line data. having knee surgery, which is a very pro thrombojenic and we compared to it was -- with no evidence of meaningful pleading. so it's very exciting, has the
6:36 pm
potential to be used very broadly in treatment of people with cardiovascular disease and other ailments that have, you know, these deep vain thrombosis. and we have a couple of indications that we can get at pretty straightforwardly. it has the potential to be extremely large. >> when i hear that, i'm sure when our viewers hear that, people i know have gone in for knee surgery. isis probably would have saved their lives. what's their point? >> i think they have more work to do. we have to of course gain broader and longer term experience with a drug to make sure it's as safe as it appears to be toshd.
6:37 pm
we need to demonstrate unequivocally that it works. >> i think a breakthrough triglis ride drug. >> but phase three is getting underway as we speak and it will move along very quickly. as you know, drug discovery is a long and arduous process. so these processes do take time and it's often disappointing that we can't get the drugs that we believe in to patients sooner. it really looks like a winner to us. >> the company, it seems like it's being valued only for
6:38 pm
what's most right in front of you. we're talking about drugs that could be used within the world within the next three or four years. >> we have six now. in phase three for the very terribly ill patients. there are drugs being developed by teva. and then, of course, we have got smnrx. every day that goes on, i think the data are more encouraging. now partners have indicated that they may start phase three trials with a new anti-cancer drug next year. we have six drugs that we think
6:39 pm
have a chance to get to the market in the next by 2018 so that's very exciting. and then of course we have so many exciting other drugs that are just behind them that we just reported again top line data. we will be sharing the detailed data at the american diabetes association. we are very proud. >> you have a great company. i want to thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me. >> the stock has just completely overcorrected. what can i tell you? how about taking a long term position. this is my kind of stock. cars are driven by people.
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>> it is time. it's time for the lightning round. buy, buy, buy. sell, sell, sell. are you ready ski daddy? time for the lightning round. jim in minnesota?
6:43 pm
>> caller: boo-yah, how you doing? >> i'm real good there, chief, how about you? >> caller: great. i'm going to make a plug for your newsletter. it's a great newsletter for great sound advice for less than a dollar a day. >> thank you so much. you are kind. how can i help you, sir? >> caller: the short term and long term for ma. >> that was a great quarter. he is back and bigger than ever. i want to own ma. i call it ma. let's go to dean in pennsylvania. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i have had this stock for about three years now and it doesn't seem to be doing much. should i hold it or sell it? qgen. >> biogen? you have got to hold that stock. it's too much like a lot of other companies. neil in north carolina? >> caller: uncle jimmy, how's
6:44 pm
the old neighborhood doing in brooklyn? >> not bad. not bad. i'm in the gardens area. >> caller: okay. used to be in williamsburg now in north carolina. dunkin donuts, what's going on? >> i need one near me. it's not doing much. people are worried about the price in coffee. have a little faith. starbucks is a little bit better on the fundamentals. let's go to jeff in florida. jeff? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. thank you so much for your ongoing help with everything. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> caller: i know a dividend north of 10% but doesn't seem to be getting -- >> no it's not. people worry about the day rates. that's why i prefer esv. when we were in the gulf, they got the newest, the best, and the 60% yield. buy, buy, buy. grant in maryland? grant?
6:45 pm
>> caller: a big virginia tech boo-yah. >> what's going on? >> caller: i wanted to get your opinion on rr donaly? >> seems to have stumbled here a little built but we do like the company. you know what? it's okay. it's okay. not blow out. let's go to ryan in indiana. ryan? >> boo-yah to ya, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: with strong new generation hardware sales and stronger q2 games not q1, would you recommend buying gme? >> you know what? i like the quarter. all of that said, i don't want to be caught in that cross fire. it's too hard for me. i will not answer that call of duty. carl in california? >> caller: thank you jim for taking my call and all you do. you had the gentleman from air
6:46 pm
lease corps on your show and i was wondering about another stock in that sector. >> i prefer hazy if you want the spelling. i think air leasing has got more game and air leasing was the signal to go buy more boeing. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> jimmy, happy hump day to you. >> hump day. >> betty. >> yes, can you tell me all about -- i can't think of it. the company. >> first of all i want to thank you for all the money you helped me make. >> you are quite welcome. >> oh. >> sounds like -- >> sounds like it's the um, the
6:47 pm
gas company. >> a lot of those. >> number two you have a terrific staff. people don't appreciate how good they are. >> i have the greatest staff in the world and they always bring me four packs of smarties. >> back in the 70s there were some other company that was our competitor called guiness. >> i have a degree there but it turned out to be much more for the beer side of things. >> hanes brands is not merely a maker of underwear any more. it's a well oiled machine. they do a lot of innovating -- they innovate. there is the comfort blend. the ultra comfortable materials from the commercials and a guy wearing a shirt made out of kiddens. hanes is not only adorning butt but it's kicking butt. >> how about the play tex
6:48 pm
flexible fit technology for self-adjusting bras? i don't wear this stuff. my favorite? tagless. take out the stupid darn tag from your t-shirt or underwear. it has itched me since i was born. i know more about buying bras than i ever wanted to.
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>> wi are looking at the inflight wifi business. at one point there is go go that controls all the air to ground wireless spectrum in america. on the other end we have a leading provider of satellite ground and space technology and a particular provider of broadband services to airlines like jet blue. what seems clear is that while go go has the scale and long term contracts with many airlines, viasat may have superior technology offering faster download speeds. both have been in the house of pain. viasat getting particularly slammed. we learned that at&t has decided to get in for both commercial and business flights.
6:52 pm
when viasat reported on tuesday, the company misnomered. all caused the stock to drop from 58 down to 53. viasat has fallen. the stock is trading despite very good growth which is why i have got to wonder if it has become a bargain down here. the company did just win a remarkable legal victory. let's take a closer look with the chairman and ceo of viasat and find out more about how his company is doing. welcome back to mad money. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. it's been difficult to try to figure out what causes a stock to go down. you have got great technology. at the same time the analysts seem to be focused on the fact i
6:53 pm
am reading this on a wells fargo piece. softer growth, fewer customers in the actual satellite business have made it so that they are -- a lot of people are leaving the stock. can that reverse itself? >> yeah, well, one is i think there has been a lot of focus on the rate which we're growing. we're not sure that's the most important measure. it's an important measure but we are really focussed and we reported on this that we are increasing our customer satisfaction and working on the quality of customers that we get and we are increasing the value that we deliver and that's reflected in higher revenue per subscriber. overall, we think there ought to be a little more balance but we understand people looking at the rate of subscriber growth. >> there also seems to be some kind of phantom shadow boxing
6:54 pm
going on. people are concerned that at&t has decided to come in against you, perhaps, because of what they have to do in order to be able to get the merger right now with directv and that at&t may be going up against you with airlines. isn't at&t just issuing press releases? >> well, certainly, at&t is a very formidable company with fantastic technical resources and products and we take that very seriously. they are going to expand their broadband footprint in rural. it is similar to what verizon is doing with their home fusion product. we understand that we need to compete against tres y'all services. our whole idea was to get away from being the last resort and we can compete in those
6:55 pm
environments. >> now, what's the latest i saw that you have got united and jet blue. this is still a dog fight we know with go go. if you had to look at your 2014 christal ball, do you have in the pipe more wins? or now are people holding more back and say i want to see what at&t's going to do? >> well, that's the wins really happen on the airline's schedule and it's very hard for anybody. >> it is passenger engagement and the satisfaction that people are seeing with their network. i think that's what going to
6:56 pm
have a big impact. >> is there anyway to just end the debate head to wed. >> you can't use netflix with go go. >> we think it's a very important thing and a lot of people look at that as the litmus test. we will see. we are fine with having a play off in the marketplace. we like the way things are going and we're happy to see them play out. i think that let the games begin. thank you so much. he is the chairman and ceo of viasat. it's great to see you.
6:57 pm
>> thanks a lot for having me. i really enjoyed it. >> there is a lot of competitive back and forth between go go and bias. no one argues that v-sat doesn't have the better technology but there are a lot of moving parts. stay with cramer. nside and out . at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present. who would have thought masterthree cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home.
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>> all across this country, people took the pepsi challenge. in tests like these nationwide, more people prefer pepsi over coca-cola. >> pepsi. >> ♪ it's pepsi ♪ taste that winning taste >> an american icon in a battle of the titans. is "coke" a dirty word around here? >> it's poison. [ laughs ] >> an outspoken leader... >> can you believe this?. >> ...of a corporate empire. not just pepsi -- it's pepsico. 19 different billion-dollar brands and more than 3,000 products -- frito-lay, quaker oats, tropicana, gatorade -- millions of snacks, sodas, a f


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